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My name is Mitzi Joanna Martinez, founder of MJ Magic. The only magic show that captures the beauty you have been searching for using NO TRICKS! Ever since a youth, I had this fascination of seeing people in their best light and would spend hours practicing on my younger sister who now hates using make up! In 2018, I took a step at pursuing my childhood dreams by enrolling and graduating from Tint Makeup cosmetology. Things seem to look promising. I was in love. I just gave birth to my second son. I was full of smiles. However, nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen. Sadly, the person I admired the most at the time began to see me differently because of the way I looked. He started to verbally abuse me to the point where I fell into a state of depression. The toll this abuse had on me forced me to leave him and begin to approach life on my own. The amount of stress I found myself faced with lead me to turn to food as a source of comfort causing me to gain excessive weight. I also reached out to alcohol daily adding to the spiral effect of not caring about myself any longer. In the end, I lost my job, totaled my car and was forced to move myself and my two sons back in with my parents. Luckily through faith and prayer, I was able to lift myself out of this mental state and began to change my lifestyle one step at a time. I started by improving my eating habits and working out on a consistent basis. I also started getting into the habit of meditating, reading books, and reciting positive affirmations. The positive changes in my lifestyle and body figure slowly but surely taught myself how to love me again. Fast forward to today, here I am full of smiles again and enjoying myself knowing that all the not so good experiences in my life worked together to bring me to this moment, back to my one true passion since my youth, which is to make people see just how beautiful they truly are.


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We specialize in makeup and body sculpting.



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Body Sculpting

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Preparing For Your Appointment      

Here are a few tips to help the process along and to see even better results.
Please onsult with your physician prior to treatments or any diet changes.

If you have any of the conditions listed below, you are not a candidate for these body treatments.  

- Pregnant or currently breastfeeding -Epileptic -Clients with Malignancy or on Chemotherapy.  

- Clients who recently had surgery.

- Those with heart diseases or with a heart pacemaker.  

- Clients that have kidney disease (or gallstones).

 - If you have an embedded metal object (IUD, Stent, or silica gel, etc).

 - If you are menstruating (this would be counter intuitive as you will be bloated during your menses.

 - Sensitive to heat.

 - Genetic Hypersensitivity.

 Please do the following during the days leading up to your appointment.

- Drink at least (MINIMUM) 64 ounces of water every day, the day of the treatment drink as much water as you can (up to a gallon) to help remove the toxins faster (adding lemon withyour water also aids with weight loss and increased energy).

- Eat a sensible diet, avoid unnecessary simple carbs/fatty foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables.

 - Over the counter Herb Milk Thistle can maximize the detoxifying and cleansing of the liver.

 - Avoid alcohol the day of and the day after treatments.

 Other Precautions: 

- Always consult with your Physician prior to a treatment or diet changes

 - These are elective procedures, and each individual result may vary. No refunds due to the type of service rendered. By continuing to book an appointment you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this business.


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